Progress with Purpose

Brownfield Wants and Continues to Grow.

The work done by the Brownfield Industrial Development Corporation is closely followed by the residents of Terry County. Each new business is welcomed like family we have been missing.

Brownfield Highlights

22% University Educated Population

Strong Faith - Family Connections

Three Industrial Parks

Population Growth

Median Income

Population of Terry County

Median Home Value

BS or Higher

(10 Year Average)
(Family 2013 - 17)
2017 Terry Co. Population
Median Home Value 2013 - 17
Bachelor's Degree or Higher
Birdsong Peanuts Brownfield Texas
peanuts in shell
Tractors Harvest peanuts


One of the largest manufacturing plants in the region is Birdsong Peanuts. Many local growers contribute to the business objectives of Birdsong, which is supplying the nuts to scores of food manufacturers for everything from peanut bars and peanut butter to M&Ms.

Birdsong is one of the largest and most stable companies in the nation. Having started in 1914, the company today produces, shells, and sells more than 250 Million tons of peanuts each year.


As the official Grape Capital of Texas, Terry County delivers more grapes by weight and variety than any other region of the state.

With several wineries and more vineyards added each season, many industries seeking raw materials derived from grapes are taking a closer look at Brownfield. Terry County wineries today boast several award-winning vintages.

Grapes year 3
Wine Industry 1

Why Brownfield?

The infrastructure in Brownfield is sound and offers much to corporations seeking to expand in Terry County.

Although largely agricultural, Terry County provides raw materials for use in petrochem, food, and other manufacturing.

After a period of slow growth through the early part of the new millennium, Brownfield is again growing as seen in the Data.

The City of Brownfield and its residents are determined to grow and to that end have developed some very attractive incentives.

From Vineyards to Farms, former production facilities to industrial parks, Brownfield has a property for all interested.

Recognizing that Human Resources are key to attracting business, the city has launched an initiative to provide training in the trades.

Did You Know?...Terry County is the Grape Capital of Texas.

About BIDC

BIDCorp was formed to raise awareness of the advantages of Brownfield, Texas; of locating a new or expanding industrial business in this area. Thanks for taking a moment to learn if we'd be a good fit for your company.

About Brownfield

Brownfield is a great place for growing a business. Aside from having a unique assortment of agricultural and industrial resources, the residents of Brownfield are resilient and tough. Fully modern, the region retains an Old West charm.


Brownfield partners with the State and other large entities to facilitate growth. Perhaps we offer less than a large city, but we are efficient and resourceful. BIDC is dedicated to helping new industries become successful here.

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