BIDCorp Approves Grant for TCWW Expansion

Following a lengthy executive session, the Brownfield Industrial Development Corp. reconvened to approve a $30,000 grant to facilitate the expansion of one of the city’s most unique businesses.

Texas Custom Wine Works, on the city’s southwest edge, currently is completing the addition of more cold storage to handle more grapes. The company is growing quickly in its effort to service one of Terry County’s hottest industries — wine grapes.

BIDCorp. director David Partlow told the Brownfield News that business is booming for TCWW, necessitating the expansion sooner than its planners intended. “They always planned to add this as part of their business model,” he said. “They just didn’t know they would need it this soon. That’s how strong the industry is and it’s only going to get bigger.” Acreage currently planted with grapes in Terry County totals more than 3,000 acres, prompting the Texas Legislature to designate us as the Grape Capital of Texas earlier this year. Partlow said that number and the prestige that goes along with it will only continue to grow. TCWW currently has 20,000 square feet under roof and services about 130 local customers after three years in business.


Those numbers outpaced the company’s five-year projections, Partlow said. The BIDCorp board asked for financial statements before agreeing to the deal, but upon reviewing them Monday, they voted unanimously in favor of the $30,000 incentive. “We value this company and we appreciate what it adds to our local economy,” Partlow said. “This will allow more producers to install vineyards, which leads to new jobs and more investment, so we are glad to assist with that success.” The vote occurred in open session and no other business was conducted. The full BIDCorp board was present, to include John Lochridge, Trey Didway, Randy Anthony, Judy Besler and Mike Swaringen.

Article Courtesy of Brownfield News

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