BIDCorp gaining more ground with Winery Estates

yuk-150x150When the Brownfield Industrial Development Corporation met on Monday, items on the agenda included hearing the latest sales tax numbers, as well as hearing an update on the High Plains Winery Estates.

BIDCorp. Director David Partlow addressed the board by telling members BIDCorp has about $2 million in reserves, but had gotten a disappointing $1,400 in earned interest. As for the sales tax numbers, Partlow said this month was a little lower and included a drop of 11.5 percent below last year’s figures.

He also said the proposed pocket park is on track and he would be setting a sign on location. The sign would not only show improvements were being made, but also a rendering of the park.

As for the High Plains Winery Estates, Partlow addressed the need for a paved road to run through the site. His question to board members was what kind of road that should be. He said it would be an estimated $150,000 for the construction of a dirt road and about $320,000 for a paved road.

Board member Trey Didway said the road should meet specs set by the City of Brownfield. Didway also said he wasn’t sure, but he thought a paved road would pay for itself over time.

Also concerning the Winery Estates, Partlow said Russell Lepard, owner of Lepard Vineyards, was interested in buying tract D located within the Winery Estates. Partlow told board members that another interested party was involved, but had not signed a contract. Board members voted to authorize Partlow to enter into negotiations with Lepard on the tract, which includes about 10 acres and is in close proximity to the other tract owned by Lepard Vineyards.Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 11.19.52 PM

Partlow then told board members he had spoken with a businessperson with ties to Brownfield about constructing an event center within the Winery Estates. Partlow said the businessperson is J.R. Ferguson of J Ferg Pro Roofers. Partlow said his proposal included having the businessman pay for half of the construction. For his part, the event center would be named after Ferguson.

Partlow said the main sticking point is that Ferguson wanted engineering plans drawn up before the deal could continue. Partlow said creating those plans would be expensive.

Another option presented to the board by Partlow was a choice of constructing “tiny houses” on the property and putting them in place and instead of the event center. Partlow showed slides of examples of the tiny houses, and told members they are about $30,000 per unit to construct.

After some discussion, board members encouraged Partlow to continue seeking the event center option. Didway praised Partlow’s efforts.

Article Courtesy of TownTalk News

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