BIDCorp Prepares Utility Lines for New Company

The Brownfield Industrial Development Corporation will have to rebid installation of water and sewer lines for Atmos Energy after they determined they could conflict with another project in the Industrial Park, the board agreed Tuesday afternoon.

The board initially selected Parkhill, Smith & Cooper for the water and sewer lines after that firm submitted a low bid. But when a prospective company in the wine industry who had initially requested 10 acres of land in the Industrial Park then requested another 10 acres, they grew concerned that the utility lines could interfere with their plans.

“We realized the current layout would run water and sewer lines across their property, which would stop them from building any sort of Building or crop on top of those lines,” said BIDCorp. Executive Director David Partlow. “We want to talk to them to make sure they understand that.”

The board tabled the chance on Tuesday to approve a bid for water and sewer lines. A similar item appears on the agenda for their next meeting, set for 4 p.m. Monday.

AdVenture Marketing spokeswoman Lajuana Martinez told the board about options for web site development available through her company. The board heard a presentation a few weeks ago from another company, VND, and recently received a third offer, from EDSuites. They will select an offer to redesign their web site during their meeting Monday.

The board turned down an informal offer from Partlow to work with prospective companies who had approached him about housing development in Brownfield. Instead, they suggested monitoring the number of jobs created in town in the oil and other industries, then building more apartment complexes and houses as the demand develops.

“We’d like to see the oil field develop, and if the need develops we’ll have buildings,” said board member Alan Bayer. “I think the time will come, but right now is not the appropriate time.”

(Courtesy of the Brownfield News)


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