BISD Vocational Training Center Receives Another Equipment Grant

Brownfield Independent School District Superintendent Chris Smith announced that the district has received the “notification of award” for the Texas Workforce Commission High Demand Job Training Grant. “We are so excited,” stated Smith. “I have been working with LEDA (Lubbock Economic Development Alliance) for many years and have built somewhat of a relationship with them.

I got a phone call from them and they had grant money that had to be applied for within the next 45 minutes or it would not be awarded.

“This was money for which no one had applied, and it was about to be lost. I knew the process and I got the application done and submitted in the allotted time. So, for basically 45 minutes of effort, BISD is looking at receiving as much as $115,000 to be used in our vocational program.”

A pretty good return on 45 minutes of work for sure.

Based on Smith’s relationship through the years with LEDA, they knew he knew the process well enough that he could get the work turned in. The bulk of the money will be used in the welding program. “We are getting a whole new welding set up that is state of the art. It is going to look like what college programs look like,” stated Smith.

The district will be purchasing two FlexTec 350X Standard 6-pack Racks which feature streamlined operator panels to minimize set up time.

They will also be purchasing six Clean Air Welding Stations, among other items. “We are getting some top-quality stuff that we could not otherwise get. This is going to be the best stuff out there,” stated Smith.

All of these ties into the new Vocational Technology Center that is being planned through a cooperative effort with BIDCorp and LEDA. The district has received over $200,000 in grants this year specifically targeted to the vocational program. But, Smith stated, “We have received pretty close to a million dollars in grant money as a district just this year. We are proud of this and because of these grants we are able to do much more for our students and faculty.

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