Four businesses begin work soon on their facilities

Heavy machinery and the sights and sounds of construction are becoming common place in Brownfield and that won’t change soon, according to city officials.

Official plans have been submitted at City Hall for projects at two high traffic locations within the city, including one of the community’s most familiar restaurants.

The familiar red roof of Pizza Hut will soon be a memory as the popular eatery will be levelled in the coming weeks to make room for a newer, more modern restaurant and the addition of another.

A Pizza Hut/Taco Bell is set to be completed before Summer’s end. The current restaurant remains open for business, until the project gets underway.

Ty Johnson, the contractor for the job, told the Brownfield News that he expects to begin work before the end of February.

“We’re ready to roll, we’re just waiting on the ‘go’ from the owners, but I expect that to be any day now,” he said.

From demolition to completion, workers will be on site for 120 days, according to Johnson, who works for Teinert Construction, the Lubbock-based general contractor.

He said the company is currently completing an identical Pizza Hut/Taco Bell combination in Lubbock and he expects the local project to move quickly.

“We’ll get in and out pretty fast,” he said. “We’ll probably have about 60 guys on site and we use local contractors and labor whenever possible. These buildings go up pretty fast.”
Johnson said he’s looking forward to working in Brownfield, having grown up in the area, graduating from Sundown and with family members in Plains. “Brownfield is kind of home,” he said.

Another highly visible project is the Allsup’s convenience store at the corner of Lubbock Road and Buckley. Heavy machinery has been at work all week removing and replacing underground fuel tanks and the New Mexico-based convenience store company intends to make-over and expand on the location. Plans filed at City Hall show a larger storefront and additional fuel pumps on the site.

The current building will grow several yards to the north and south of its current footprint with a new look at completion.

A row of four fuel pumps will be set perpendicular to the highway with parking situated in front of the store.

A new awning will cover the pumps and new signage will adorn the front of the building.

City Inspector Israel Limon said company officials had initially indicated they would raze the structure and build new, but changed their plans to retain the current building and expand on it with an entirely new facade.  Calls to Allsup’s corporate offices were not returned. Limon said the project would last a few months.

Another project set to begin soon is the Bush’s Chicken building on the Lubbock Hwy.

Limon said surveying is complete and work would begin soon to extend utilities to the site before construction begins on the building, which is set to open this year.

In another recent real estate transaction, CMS Properties purchased the former Visions Furniture building on the Lubbock Hwy, but the Lubbock-based developer has not announced plans for the site.   

Article courtesy of the Brownfield News

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