City adds Didway to board

Local attorney Trey Didway was selected to fill a seat on the Brownfield Industrial Development Corporation’s board of directors to replace outgoing chairman Alan Bayer. Monday’s meeting was Bayer’s last after two three-year terms on the board. He is a former County Auditor and Judge, and currently farms and operates a vineyard in northern Terry County.

Didway operates his law practice and owns Brownfield Abstract and Title Co., 305 W. Broadway. He will be presented for approval to the City Council at its next meeting. Following that brief action and discussion of outstanding bills, the board delved into a two-hour discussion with engineers about deed restrictions and other covenants for the High Plains Winery Estates.

The reimaging of the Brownfield Industrial Park is currently in planning stages, with the first of its several planned vineyards to be planted in the coming weeks. The park, located on the city’s southwest side, will feature a curving road through almost 100 acres of grape vines, with a retail center consisting of tasting rooms and shops at its center, anchored by a 400-seat event center.

The board discussed many facets of the project in detail Monday evening, including the type of roadway, who should maintain it and what type of buildings and architecture styles to allow in the park. A certain building standard and upkeep will be required of all tenants and the BIDCorp board will have final say on the design of each structure.

The board also opted to include a buy-back option in each land contract. If a vineyard has not been installed at least 24 months after close of the land, BIDCorp retains the right to purchase it back at 90 percent of the original price. The purpose of the caveat is to discourage speculators from buying the land and holding it for future gains instead of developing it and contributing to the purpose of the project.

Local vineyard owner Russell Lepard, who is purchasing the southernmost 20 acres of the park told the board he will begin installing irrigation and trellis soon and root stock is scheduled to arrive this month. The engineers, from Kimley Horne and Associates of Lubbock will work all of Monday’s talking points into a formal plan for the board’s approval to move forward with the project. The board viewed an artist rendering and floor plan of the proposed event center, which will feature a Tuscan facade with ample parking and a view of the vineyards beyond.

Article Courtesy of the Brownfield News

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