City County To Build Road In Winery Estates

road-pavingroad-paver-1At the last meeting of the Brownfield Industrial Development Corporation, the board heard an update on the High Plains Winery Estates, including the sale of two additional parcels within the vineyard park.
Kimley Horn engineer Kerry Miller also informed the board that a meeting between BIDCorp, City, and County officials was fruitful, regarding the road through the park. City and County crews will work together to construct the road at BIDCorp’s expense and curb and gutter requirements were waived, with the city agreeing to maintain the road.
Miller said the construction could cost under $500,000, compared to the $1.2 million estimate presented at the board’s last meeting for an independent contractor to construct it to new subdivision standards. Engineering standards will be met and drainage requirements adhered to, Miller said, but the City will have a good, well-built road when it’s done.
The board then heard a lengthy discussion from Brownfield resident Craig Collier regarding a system he has developed to filter fracking water, desalinate subsurface brackish water, and create electricity, all of which could benefit area oilfield communities, he said. The board listened to the presentation, but took no action.

Article Courtesy of Brownfield News

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