Construction To Begin On Strip Mall

Brownfield could soon be home to several new businesses thanks to a project planned by a Seminole developer. strip-mall

Old structures were cleared several months ago and groundwork was underway recently at the corner of Lubbock Hwy. and Legion Street. John Fehr of Fehr’s Drafting and Design in Seminole told the Brownfield News that his company will soon begin construction on a shopping center and office complex at the location.

Fehr met with the Brownfield Industrial Development Corp. Monday to discuss the project. Architectural drawings at City Hall indicate that the company plans to construct a build-to-suit retail structure totaling 25,200 square feet in size that could house as many as 10 businesses, depending on the size of each shop. A pair of retail buildings known as Dakota Plaza will face West with Lubbock Hwy frontage. The two units will be equipped for up to five businesses each.

Also set for the property is a separate building for commercial leasing which will face south on Legion St. Fehr told the News when the project was initially announced that he has had “serious inquiries from several businesses interested in coming to Brownfield with us.”

Businesses he mentioned as possible tenants included Dickie’s Bar-b-Que, Dominoes’ Pizza, AT&T, Verizon and a clothing store.

David Partlow, director of industrial development for Brownfield, said that the project is an exciting one. “It will be a beautiful set of buildings that have the potential to increase the retail available in Brownfield,” he said. “It is a substantial investment in our community and could result in dozens of new jobs contributing to the tax base and our sales tax revenue.”

The project is estimated to cost $1.8 million and will contribute significantly to the local tax base once operational. Fehr told the News that his company sees great potential for growth in Brownfield and compared the city to recent activity in Seminole and Andrews.

“Everyone sees the oilfield activity moving that direction,” he said. “Nobody has committed to the building yet, but the interest is definitely there.” The builder has constructed similar strip malls in Seminole, Andrews and Snyder, but said the Brownfield location will be “the nicest one we’ve built.”

“We see great potential in Brownfield,” he said. “Hopefully, we could have more projects there in the future.”

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