CEO and Chairman Greg Cooper, Cooper Natural Resources: Why Brownfield?

For those interested in the expansion of their business, Cooper Natural Resources CEO Greg Cooper describes why he chose Brownfield and why he believes Brownfield would be a good fit for other companies. 

Greg Cooper in His Own Words

Key Advantages of Brownfield/BIDC

Brownfield is conveniently located along a key railroad spur into Lubbock, Texas. Lubbock is the Hub of the South Plains of Texas. With the rail spur and carefully constructed connections spaced through Terry County, a key industrial requirement is well met.

Complimenting the rail is an excellent highway system, with a north-south route four-lane through the city of Brownfield.

In addition, the Terry County Airport is owned and maintained by Terry County. The airport has two runways, the longest being 5,218 ft…suitable for many light to mid-size jets.


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