Guar Facility to Make $3.8 Million Improvement

One of the most unique businesses in Brownfield will soon be one of the most unique businesses in the world. Guar Resources, LLC (GR), formerly West Texas Guar, has begun preparations for a $3.3 million plant expansion. Demolition has begun on the site to make room for two new buildings that will house an 85-foot tall processing plant. The new plant will be entirely new and designed from the ground-up for the sole purpose of processing guar beans into splits and the final product of powder.

GuarH1Alex Muraviyov, General Manager, told the Brownfield News that it will be the most advanced guar plant in the world. “The plants we have now work, but they were pieced together from other equipment that wasn’t intended for guar,” he said. “Our new plant will be designed only for this specific purpose.” It hasn’t yet been decided if the new construction will replace the current plants entirely, or be used in tandem with the existing facility.

The new plant will be constructed in its entirety in India, then inspected and tested by the local plant managers, before it is torn down and packaged for shipment to Brownfield. It will then be reassembled by locally hired contractors under the direction of the Indian manufacturers. More than 70 percent of the world’s guar is grown in India, so that’s where the most knowledge of the process and experience with its production is.

“They will make sure everything goes together properly GuarV1and then we will run the new plant non-stop for 72 hours to test every facet,” said Muraviyov, a native of Russia with extensive experience in plant management. “This will be a world-class manufacturing facility.”

He told the News this is his first time working with guar, but he was attracted to the business model of this company and excited about the possibility. He hopes the new plants will be fully operational by March of 2016. The new plant will double production, a goal set by company managers in December. GR’s main processing facilities currently operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Currently, about 25 full time employees work at the plant, but the planned expansion could add 8-10 more.

Guar, a drought tolerant legume, is grown extensively in the Southwestern United States. Guar products are used in a variety of industries including food processing, cosmetics and oil and gas production. Growers interested in learning more about guar and its many benefits, and in contracts for the 2015 growing season, are invited to call the company at (806) 637-4662.

Article Courtesy of The Brownfield News

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