Halliburton Request Nomination For A Texas Enterprise Project

halliburton2A consultant representing Halliburton told the City Council on Thursday that the company’s expansion into Hogue Industrial Park is on track and could bring dozens more jobs to Brownfield in the next year.

Ted Telford requested that the council nominate the oil field services giant for a Texas Enterprise Project grant, which would refund state sales tax dollars generated at its planned new location at the intersection of the Lubbock Hwy and David Bailey Rd.

The application for the program is due by Dec. 1 and requires the city’s endorsement for consideration by a state committee that meets quarterly.

Telford told the council that it won’t cost the city anything, either in its annual budget or in its sales tax rebates from the state. “This is money that Halliburton will get directly from the state at no expense to your city coffers,” he said. “There is no downside to Brownfield in this deal.”

Brownfield Industrial Development Corporation director David Partlow told the Brownfield News on Friday that this request is the best indicator to date that Halliburton has big plans for Brownfield.

“For them to hire this consultant and spend their resources going after the Texas Enterprise Project shows that they expect to get quite a bit of money back from the state,” Partlow said. “And to get a lot back they have to put a whole lot in. This is fantastic news for Brownfield and tells me that they plan to do everything they have promised at that location and probably even more.”

Partlow said he expects the company to break ground on its 100-acre tract inside Hogue Industrial Park soon. The initial capital investment is planned at $40 million, but Telford said there is a strong potential of $85 million further investment in the next three years.

The consultant told the council that this nomination will be all that is required of the city and a response from the state typically takes between 30-60 days after the application is submitted.

All of that expansion is in addition to an already growing workforce in the Brownfield office of the oilfield giant.

Halliburton has added 80 full time employees to its local payroll in the last year and Telford said between 20 and 60 additional employees could come on board in the next year.

Halliburton has had a presence in Brownfield since the 1950s and currently employs more than 200 people out of its office on the southwest side of town.

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