Industrial Park Promoted


A Dallas-based real estate development group is now actively promoting the Brownfield Industrial Park to its nation-wide contact list of businesses looking to expand in the area, according to David Partlow, executive director of the Brownfield Industrial Development Corp.

BIDCorp has struck a deal with The Mages Group to help market the city’s 100-acre industrial park on Brownfield’s southwest corner.

A sign with an artist’s rendering of what the park could look like was placed on its east side last week, with more signs visible from other highways coming soon.

The Mages Group, according to its website, is a turnkey; build to suit company with more than 40 years of experience in general contracting, construction management, site selection, real estate and financing services.

“The Mages Group offers everything under one roof when it comes to dealing with oil and gas construction business,” Partlow said. “Things we can’t offer companies when we try to recruit them such as general contracting, construction management and financing services.”

Mages Group representatives, who have viewed the local industrial park in person several times have indicated to Partlow they are confident they can find permanent tenants with interest in locating here, he said.

They specialize in building manufacturing facilities, commercial, retail, office, and municipal buildings, utilizing both on-site and off-site construction management professionals and top quality tradesmen, to ensure that each project stays within schedule and budget.

They also compliment their construction management services with development services of land acquisition, land use planning, entitlements through the state and local jurisdictions, and ultimately

brokerage on property sales or representation to potential tenants. In addition, they are fully licensed and bonded for public and private sector projects.

“But the main reason we are partnering with them, is for their access to many larger oil field service companies that would takes us a long time to get in front of to show them that they should consider Brownfield for their next expansion,” the BIDCorp. director said.

The Mages Group built the 40,000 square foot corporate headquarters for Select Energy Services, along with several other Select Energy Services buildings, and through that relationship helped bring such companies as Bell Pipe Supply, Pumpco Energy Services, Tejas Oilfield Services, Titan Tanks and Forum Energy Technologies too many Texas communities that they market their industrial parks.

“When they market our industrial park, they can offer companies the complete package, land, building construction, land use planning, financing and helping the companies find incentive programs through the state,” Partlow added.

Mages is not charging BIDCorp. for the marketing services, but will make their money by building the facilities of the companies they recruit into the local industrial park. This program has worked for them in industrial parks in Carrollton, Pleasanton, Gainesville, and Cleburne, as well as Garden City, Kansas and Damascus, Ark.

The timing for Brownfield and BIDCorp. couldn’t be better, Partlow said. “We feel that when drilling increases in Terry County and the surrounding area and companies need to be nearer to those rigs, by using the Mages Group we will be a few steps ahead of our competition to recruit those companies because of all the services Mages offers and their contacts with those companies they have already developed,” he said. “They are out there now marketing our park and I feel like it’s going to pay dividends soon.”

(Courtesy of the Brownfield News)

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