New trucking company means more local jobs

by Eric Woods
News Director, TownTalk News

When the Brownfield Industrial Development Corp. board met on Monday, members unanimously approved incentives to attract an out of town trucking company.

The out of town business being attracted to the area is the Ga.-based Early Trucking Company. Partlow said the company will haul product for Birdsong Peanuts, which is the company’s major contractors for service.

He also said the company is set to occupy the former location of Valley Irrigation, which is located on the Seagraves Hwy.

Partlow said the board approved a five-year tax rebate program, which would offset fifty percent of the company’s taxes the first year (excluding school taxes.) The program is scheduled to ratchet down in the amount rebated each year. The final year of the program would allow for only a 10 percent rebate.

While Partlow didn’t want to release exact figures concerning the company’s local taxable property, he did say the tax rebate would mean about $60,000 worth of rebates for the first year of operation.

Partlow said the trucking company will hire about 20 new drivers, as well as a few support staff.

Partlow said the trucking company should be operational locally in the next few weeks.

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