“Paving The Way” to High Plains Winery Estates

12144712_926314614121600_1017957008735242578_n-1During the recent Brownfield Industrial Development Corporation meeting on July 18th, members discussed the roadway options for the High Plains Winery Estates and voted to recommend 2 individuals to the city council to be appointed to the BIDCorp board.

During the financial report David Partlow, Director of BIDCorp, informed the board that the Property Improvement Program awarded two $2,500 grants: one to Brownfield Floral to improve the pavement in front and beside the building and another to Platinum H Steakhouse to improve the front of the building. Platinum also has plans to build a patio in the near future according to Partlow. Partlow also reported that our sales income tax is down 10.6% for this year compared to this time last year.  This decline was anticipated and was taken into consideration when determining the current budget.

Following the resignation of Trey Didway from the BIDCorp board and the stepping down of John Lochridge, the board voted to recommend Michael Frankie and Brian Brisendine to fill the two vacated seats.  The Brownfield City Council will vote on Thursday  regarding these appointments.scan-e1468956777723-657x900 scan0001-e1468956714506-655x900

Kerry Miller from Kimley-Horn,  the design consulting firm working on the High Plains Winery Estates, reported that the estates have been replatted and parcel maps are being finished.  The next step in the design process is to start looking at roadway coverings.  Much discussion surrounded the estimates that ranged from $750,000 to about $1.5 million.  If these coverings meet city standards, they will be maintained by the city.  Miller plans to sit down with city officials to come to an agreement about what specifics are necessary to meet this criteria.  The board also discussed the possibility of doing this project in phases and requested the Kimley-Horn research those cost and options.

Article Courtesy of TownTalk News

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