Rail Line Is an Asset for Bringing New Business to Town

Brownfield Industrial Development Corporation Director David Partlow constantly keeps his eyes and ears open to new business prospects for Brownfield. He is now working with three companies related to the oil and gas industry and has preliminary commitments from two of them. According to Partlow, Brownfield’s major recruiting attraction has been our railroad.

The two companies coming to Brownfield are both in the rail-to-truck transloading service.  Once they are in full operation, there will be an average of about fifty extra trucks a day coming to Brownfield to either on-load or off-load various oil and gas commodities between railcars and the trucks. The companies are currently in the process of signing contracts with the railroad to buy or lease land owned by our local short line railroad, and names will be announced once all the paperwork is in place. Stay in touch with towntalkradio.com for more information.

Another good outcome of the businesses coming to town is that now the railroad will be able to service Brownfield five days a week, not just three.

A new rail spur will be built to handle the needs of one of the businesses. Partlow states that the spur will be like a magnet for companies needing rail that have been passing us up and going to Wolfforth, Seagraves, Levelland or other locations along the rail line. The spur can be built in ninety days or less.

Brownfield and Levelland are in fierce competition as they are both on a rail line that gets companies as near as possible to service their customer base yet remain close enough to Lubbock to draw on the workforce there.

According to David Partlow, when he first came to Brownfield most of his leads were from oil field service companies wanting land or a building. Now almost all of his leads are coming from the railroad, and they are looking for land to build a transloading facility or another type of facility related to the oil and gas business. Rail service is a deciding factor in their decisions to come to Brownfield.

There is also a manufacturer of oil field pipe line that, when he finishes building a new facility in East Texas, will be coming in March to look at either Brownfield or Levelland to build a manufacturing plant that will employee fifty machinists. Rail service will also be a must for that company.

Brownfield looks forward to being in the running with prospective companies poised for an oil and gas boom.

(Courtesy of TownTalk Radio)


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