Recent Traffic Counts

Brownfield has long been known as the Star of the South Plains for the number and direction of the highways leading to and from the city.

Recent figures from the Texas Department of Transportation show that those highways are well used.

The Brownfield Industrial Development Corp. board was presented the most recent traffic count at its board meeting last week, which shows impressive daily averages of cars on local streets.

The busiest intersection, not surprisingly is the congruence of the Lubbock and Tahoka highways, where TxDOT reports an average of 17,277 cars pass each day.

 The map indicates that 13,790 travels north from that intersection, with 11,151 continuing to the city’s northern limits, and 9,968 going further, ostensibly to Lubbock and 1,953 taking the Levelland highway.

The map shows 13,929 cars go south from the intersection every day, with 10,801 continuing to the city limits with 2,601 turning toward Lamesa and 8,047 going on toward Seminole.

The information shows 7,569 vehicles moving east from the Lubbock/Tahoka intersection, diminishing to 3,055 at Cedar Street and 2,174 continuing toward Tahoka.

TxDOT numbers report 5,115 cars heading west on Main Street from the Lubbock Hwy with 3,348 continuing toward Plains.

BIDCorp. director David Partlow told the board that the numbers prove how strong Brownfield’s position on the South Plains is.

“These numbers are incredible for a community of our size,” he said. “Where most towns are located at the intersection of two highways, Brownfield actually joins what we consider to be six major highways. We’ll be able to use these impressive numbers to attract retailers who want high traffic counts, and industries who are looking for quality roads for transporting their goods.”

Article courtesy of Brownfield News

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