Not Afraid to Get Dirty

Because Terry County is traditionally an agricultural community, the workforce here is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty...except when keeping sleeves rolled down makes more sense.

Abundant in Natural Resources

Agricultural products including Cotton, Peanuts, Grapes, Sunflowers, and more are grown near Brownfield, with Terry County officially named the Grape Capital of Texas.

Processed Products

Guar Resources processes the roughly 100,000 acres of guar gum delivered to it each year, some of which is used in nearby Fracking operations while the rest is bound for food processors worldwide.


Brownfield is more than just a city in West Texas; it is a vibrant, ambitious community of family-oriented, hard-working folks who want to grow.

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The Three "F's"

Brownfield is a close-knit community which believes in holding to strong traditional values like those rooted in family, faith, and friendships.

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Brownfield schools are among the best in the region, striving constantly to improve and provide students with the best possible education.

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Brownfield is a community which comes together regularly for many events, but especially those which involve bats, balls, and protective gear.

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Because we are serious about attracting new business, we are serious about what we offer.


Did you know that the game Skip-Bo was invented in Brownfield? And that West Texas can boast over a hundred famous music artists? There's just something about the wind out here.


An agricultural community evenly divided along ethnic and political lines. Decades of working closely with others has resulted in an unusual spirit of cooperation among the folks of Brownfield.


Striving for excellence is a way of life in Brownfield. From a young age, kids are taught the importance of sportsmanship and winning.

Winning is a big deal here.

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